About me

Hello my name is Stacy Trujeque, Author and Beauty/Self Worth coach at Exalt Her Media and Licensed Aesthetician/Owner of Adarae Beauty & Skin Care; I specialize in intergrading self development into our modern day beauty. 

I don't think it is enough anymore to cover ourselves in make up without feeling happy or beautiful inside. Getting work done under the knife yet still feeling incomplete. I love all things beauty but I saw a real need and also a unique power in intergrading both inner and outter beauty. I empower women to use their own intuition to guide their beauty regimen and also take off years of their aging process guiding them in reducing stress, shattering past insecurities and helping them align with what makes them feel deeply fulfilled. 

I have a unique ability to work with women whom have had to overcome toxic love patterns and relationships and help women get more fullfillment out of the relationships their in by reclaiming their power and taking accountability for their own patters in which they can grow their own capacity to receive love. I have uniquely studied self development for the past decade as well as spent 8 years as a beauty consultant for a major aesthetic company matching women with services that helped them gain clearer skin, naturally brought out their best features and helped them match with services that gave them more confidence. 

I have combined the tools I learned as well as gathered all the many personal and business development I have taken in order to bring the most transformational tools to help women uncover and step into their true beauty, access their power +purpose & unleash their highest value and MAGNETIZE their deepest desires. 

"I believe when women are at their best, they can be the best for the world, and the world needs us more than ever". 

"A powerful woman is admirable but a woman who has regained her power is unstoppable". 

I cant wait to connect with you... 

with love, 




With a background in Business and Women’s studies, she is passionate about empowering women through building self-confidence, beauty, and vitality, as well as expressing it authentically everywhere they go. Stacy has worked in the aesthetic industry for the past eight years, has done commercial modeling, and possesses in-depth knowledge on skin care and beauty treatments. She knows the benefits of taking care of your skin and the physical difficulties that stress can cause, and has a passion for inner beauty and personal development. Stacy is excited to share EXALT HER. Now in book form, it contains the material she has been giving talks on and holding events on for the past eight years. Stacy says, “When women are at their best, they bring out the best in everything else.”